We purchased our Yorkiepoo in October of 2018. From the moment I first made contact with Debbie I knew I was at the right place. We have all heard stories of breeders that only care about the bottom line—money. Well not the case with Moose Trot and Debbie. She talked me through the entire purchase and has provided me with valuable tips for training and the overall health of our Yorkiepoo. Thank you Debbie for your honest and helpful approach to dog breeding. A big thumbs up and A+ to Debbie and Moose Trot Kennels.

Hi Debbie,

Ten years ago I took a leap of faith and purchased my Yorkie puppy ‘Bentley’ from you.  Based on my personality/lifestyle, you recommended a special boy who was a bit of a loner…preferring cuddles from humans vs playing with his siblings.  I promised to follow-up, but time got away from me and I never go a chance to say, THANK YOU!  Thank you for matching us, and thank you for making the process for a first time dog owner (who suffers form anxiety) so easy.  He is exactly as you described and I couldn’t be more in love.  He is healthy, happy and perfect in every way.  I still have a very busy lifestyle, traveling every week, but he is always happy to come along for the ride.. The two of us are truly inseparable.

Best Regards,

Craig and Debbie

Our hearts were broken after losing our 12 year old Papillon at the first of the year.  Our other dog did not seem to be able to get past
the loss of his buddy.  We knew we could not replace the one we lost but decided it was time to start looking for a new baby after a few months.  Our search was prayer based.  After a few weeks of looking we found Moose Trot Kennels on line.  We liked what we saw but had a few questions.  Debbie and Craig were quick to respond to our texts and emails.

There was a picture of one puppy that really won our hearts.  We called for an appointment and met this sweet baby when he was 5 weeks old .  It was love at first sight.  For the next three weeks it seemed like time stood still…we were so anxious to bring him home.  Debbie helped by sending us picture updates.  Finally the day arrived and, if there was any doubt about our decision, it was completely dissolved when we saw him for the second time.  He was definitely the one.  He has brought so much joy and laughter back into our home!  It took one day for our new puppy, Snuffy, and our older dog Bear to become best of friends.

We expected to have a few sleepless nights with and 8 week old puppy in the house but as it is with 99 percent of the things we worry about…it never happened.  From the first night, he has gone to bed without a whimper and slept the entire night.  He is just the happiest little guy and so smart.  We give Debbie and Craig the credit for that.  It is obvious that their puppies are loved and given the attention they need to be well adjusted when adopted.  He has been happy and full of fun since the day we brought him home.  He and his Bear are quite a pair!

He is 4 months now and has learned to play fetch with his favorite little ball.  He will bring it back for me to throw again and again.  Two of his favorite things are outdoor play and car rides.  He already knows several words and will cock his little head in the cutest way if we say something he doesn’t understand.

We could not be more pleased with our Moose Trot Kennels pup.  From the day we brought him home he has been the perfect fur baby for our family!

Dear Debbie and Craig,

Hope you all are well!

This is just to thank you for the wonderful work you have done with our little Julius! He has adapted very well and quickly with everyone in the household the other Yorkshire Terriers and people.

Julius is very active a good thing since the 7 month old needed a young play mate. I caught Julius sleeping in the same pet bed together with Morgan  this morning next to their plastic winged pig a favorite toy from Publix called when pigs fly that snorts. 7 month old Morgan took the 2 1/2 foot terry cloth dachshund Petsmart toy grabbed it by the mouth and Julius straddled the plush toy like a bronco then allowed Morgan to pull him through the house on it. Julius is eating well. We have his Nutrisource puppy chow along with his cheese cubes. I have to have dairy with my evening medications and all three puppies line up for cheese.

Craig just so you know 10 week old Julius watched Fox News when Brian brought his Pyrenees to work and he was watching the golf channel but not the LPGA this time.

I have been trying to get a good photo of Julius but he is such an active guy it is hard to catch him at the right moment with a good picture. I seem to get side and hinny shots. Julius is fast!

Again thank you for your advice and help with Julius!

We cannot say enough good things about you all!!


Nancy and Joe


We recently got our puppy from MoosetrotKennels in March of 2018. Teddy is a Shih Poo, and we could not be more in love!! He is the happiest, sweetest, most energetic puppy with the best personality! We have 2 young kids and a black lab, and Teddy is perfect for both! He was the perfect addition to our family, and Debbie really took care of him before giving him to us. She informed us what to expect with the breed, what he needs to eat, important factors in training him, etc.. Since we live in Texas, Debbie was really good about sending us pictures and a few videos of him on our 4 week wait to pick him up. We cannot express what a wonderful breeder Debbie is, and hope to get another furfamily member from her again in the future!


Just wanted you all to know that Birdie is doing great!  She is so sweet and loving (and curious and mischievious!) and we are enjoying her.  Thanks for preparing such a sweet baby just for us.
Bob and Dee










Ms. Debbie, is an angel! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Moose Trot Kennels! Ms. Debbie put my concerns to an easy with all the scams being ran on people these days… I did my research and was pleasantly surprised at the beautfiful puppies they have to offer and the pricing was phenomenal.
Ms. Debbie took care of my needs and concerns I had… She had to drive over two to the airport to ship my new baby Maltese to me… He “Saudi” flow six hours from Arkansas to Florida. Saudi was so well taken care of at Moose Trot Kennels from all has shots, nutrition, and a whole lot of love!
He has the sweetest personality and that says a lot about The Wright’s, they take great pride in there puppies and you can tell by the way the puppies love to love you and the fact my Veterinarian said that Saudi is a gorgeous little boy and wished he was her’s!
So, if you are considing purchasing a new puppy you have came to the right place. Please, give great consideration to The Moose Trot Kennels and The Wright’s you will be so happy that you did!
Sincerely ,
Amanda Pugh



Hi Debbie,
It was a leap of faith to select Marley from a photo without actually meeting him. When he arrived, he was everything we expected – and more. Marley looked exactly like the photos Debbie had sent, and his personality is exactly as she described. Debbie was patient with all our questions, and we could tell how much she care about her puppies. Marley already has a huge fan club and Moose Trot Kennel has certainly made a name for itself around here!
Marley is doing great. He actually woke me this morning to go out to do his potty! He has learned “sit” and “off” and loves riding in the golf cart. He is very good with people. He does fuss at night but hopefully that won’t last too much longer.
Jeff, Marley and Sherry
Central Florida

Debbie made the process of adopting my Malipoo (Piper) such a breeze! When I saw that first picture I knew it was a match but at the same time I was SO nervous. Especially with being a first time dog owner, then add in the fact that I am adopting a puppy that I won’t be able to meet first (since I am in Chicago) and that will have to be flown to me alone. I was so nervous about the plane ride for my puppy, then when her flight was delayed, I got even MORE nervous and worried. Would this traumatize my puppy? Would it make her fearful? Would it give her separation anxiety? Would it make her mean? Would she be okay when she got here? What if I don’t even receive my puppy?! What if this is a scam (despite the many picture I got, of course this crossed my mind)?! Turns out, I was way more nervous than the puppy was. When Piper arrived, she was so content. When the airport staff handed over her kennel, there she was, just hanging out and having a snack. Training has been, what I imagine as a first time puppy owner, a breeze. She catches on really quickly to new commands and is eager to please. Piper is SUCH a cuddle bug. She will have this bursts of energy and then just want to hang out with me. She has NO stranger anxiety and does great in her kennel which has helped a lot with her potty training. She is 6 months now and weighs in a little over 5 pounds.
I couldn’t have asked for this process to go more smoothly. I can tell that Debbie cares about her puppies and wants the best for them. I HIGHLY recommend Moose Trot to anyone looking for a new puppy addition to their family! Thank you Debbie for making this such a positive experience!


Hi Debbie,
This past week has rapidly passed us by, since the addition of our new baby. Her name is Little Geezer and she has won our hearts. I have posted a picture of her on my facebook page and I’ll try to send you one on my phone. I am amazed at how smart she is. She is trying to use her potty papers already and I can tell that she is learning her name. Geezer has a wonderful personality, is very alert and is definitely not timid. She has tried to jump up on and jump off the sofa. We watch her very closely.
I am so impressed with the dog food. Her stools are perfect. My other dog hates most dry dog foods, but I gave him some and he loves it. I was able to locate it on Amazon in a much smaller bag size.
Thank you for our wonderful little girl. I love her so much!
Beth Carlisle

Mr. Bojangles is a very small white maltipoo with apricot ears. He is the second puppy I have bought from Moose Trot Kennels. I find Deb’s puppies to have quality breeding. The information given to me has been accurate and never misleading. My puppies are part of the family and should I ever need another family member Moose Trot Kennels is the first and most likely the only place I will go. I know that I will find exactly what I am looking for at Moose Trot Kennels.
Marty Jackson
Pine Bluff, AR

Hi Debbie, just wanted to let you know that we are all doing well. Thor is such a great little boy. He sleeps in our bed at night ( and has not had any accidents at night). He loves our big boy Odin, Odin does not know how to handle Thor but is being good to him. I did the mico chip today. Thank you so much The Payne family ☺



Debbie & Craig,
I just wanted to say thank you so much! I bought a yorkie poo puppy from you on Valentine’s Day. I’m the one who drove in from Louisiana. I wanted to let you know that we have named her Daisy Mae and she fits right into our family just perfectly. She has won all of our hearts. She got her third set of shots and everyone at the vet fell in love with her as well. She loves to go on car rides and snuggle in my lap. I can’t say enough good things about my experience! Thanks again.
Shonna Wege
Denham Springs, LA

I found Moosetrot Kennel on there Web site. I called and talked to Debbie Wright the owner. I have recently purchased a Female Malt-A-Poo puppy. The dog was chipped had first and second shots and had been wormed three times. I was given a sample of puppy food, Vitamins, and papers with Litter Medical Record. My puppy is almost paper trained at ten weeks. Smart and Beautiful is my “Angel Baby”. I highly recommend using Moosetrot Kennel to anyone interested in getting a new family pet.
Mary Bell
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Dear Deb and Craig, August 6, 2014 

Just wanted to thank you so very much for being the kind of breeders that my exhaustive search found. I have a very high standard for the kind of care that I expect animals to receive and you met my expectations and then some. You welcomed us to come visit your facility where we noted that the animals were kept in a cooled/heated environment. You would not even allow us to handle any animals that had not been vaccinated, it was so evident that you have a love for the “furry children” and their health is your primary concern.
We chose to adopt a Yorkie/Poo, who we named Mia. She is our sweet “baby Wild Child”. Yes, Momma Mia! she is keeping me young! Both of our previous yorkies passed away within a six month period, they were 12 years old and we were taking a brake from the responsibilities of animals for awhile…………..or so we said. We found that the void in our life was just too big…… here we are again. I only wanted to adopt one puppy, but my husband wanted a companion for Mia, so here comes Ginger, she is a Morkie, Maltese/Yorkie. She melts your heart. She is 4 weeks younger than Mia and they are fast play mates.
When we picked up the puppies, we were presented with a one year health guarantee, vitamins, shot record to date and a big bag of puppy food, (which by the way they love and I have continued purchasing). Nothing was overlooked by Deb. Last note, when I took Mia in for her first exam with my vet he said she was a very healthy puppy! Again thank you guys, we feel blessed to have found you and your animals are blessed to be in your care.
Greenwood, AR

Hi Debbie!

Just a little update on our little Layla LaRose! She had her 3rd set of puppy shots this week. She weighed in at 3.2 lbs. She wolfs down her food every time it’s offered, she’s just a little particular that it is in the same bowl…..her bowl. She definitely rules the roost around here. She has quickly decided that she is Queen Of The Castle and bosses our Yorkie around! He definitely doesn’t appreciate it, but is such a sweet, mellow dog that he just takes it and will only growl at her every once in a while if she is annoying him too much! Her favorite activities seem to be stealing Bailey’s bones and adding them to her stockpile. She also really enjoys being outside and exploring our yard or laying in the sun. We have signed her up for puppy obedience school starting mid-July. She’s definitely “wired” much differently than our laid back Yorkie! If she gets scolded for anything, she runs to her bed and sits there looking innocent for a minute and then is off to do the same thing over again! She’s a mess, but we love her dearly and are so thankful for the healthy little dog you provided us with! Here is a photo of her riding floating in the pool with my husband.
Jodee Wilsdorf

Purchasing our Yorkie Poo from Moose Trot Kennels was a pure pleasure! They were very helpful and responsive to all our questions. Their facilities are very clean and dogs and puppies are well cared for. I would highly recommend Moose Trot Kennels if you are in the market for a new puppy.

Thank you so much Moose Trot Kennels for our little bundle of joy!


Shana and Philli


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased we are with our new Yorkie, Selah. She weighs in at a whopping 2 lbs and 3 oz. She is so adorable and playful. Full of energy and loves all the attention!! We are so pleased we found Moose Trot Kennels. Selah has already took over as queen of our household and pretty sure she does not know she is a dog. I was the blame for our previous Yorkie sleeping in our bed so I decided to kennel her the first night. That lasted about three minutes until my wife put her in bed with us. She cuddled under my chin the whole night. My prayer is that we never have to look for another Yorkie puppy, but if we do Moose Trot will be the first place we look! You certainly know your business.


Thank You
Marty and Shelley



Recently I purchaced a Pomapoo puppy from Debbie , My experience from begining to the end was very professional. I would definetely recomend her to anyone in search of a great quality puppy. Me and my wife are so very happy with our “Sonny” he brightens our day !!! Thanks again John and Joanne Marsella Patterson New York.


Just wanted you to know what a delight Lucy is! She has no fear of her brother the Bulldog and he absolutely adores her – so it’s 50 pounds of love for 2 pounds of dog – HA She has no problem walking up to his food bowl and sticking her face in it, or attempting to take his bone away……….he just ignores her, but if it was any other dog, then bar the door!
Her sister the Boston Terrier thinks I brought her home just for her to have a playmate. They are good buddies.
Lucy sleeps in the bed with me and is a good snuggler – and she knows when we go out in the morning to do her business and so far has had few accidents. She is very bright and has a perfect personality. She and I are morning people and her dad and the two siblings are not so much, so Lucy and I get up and do our thing while the others stay in the bed 🙂

Just a note to let you know that we just love our sweet little shih-tzu that we bought from you last Saturday. She was well worth the 6 hour (round trip) drive! We had a hard time choosing between her and the little black and white one, but we have fallen in love with this little sweetie-Emma Rose! Thanks for being so patient with us when we couldn’t decide which one we wanted!:) Have a great day and if we, or anyone we know in search of a shih tzu, yorkie etc, we will highly recommend you! Thanks again!
Kelly Alford

We got our little Pomapoo from Debbie and Craig in early 2013. He’s now nine months old and we just love him more than anything! Debbie and Craig were great to work with. They provided all the details I needed and answered all of my questions patiently and thoroughly. They shipped our little guy on American Airlines to Florida, which went off without a hitch, and everything was reasonably priced. He’s been a great, well mannered, sweet dog since he was just a little puppy, and was very easy to train. We highly recommend them!

I just wanted to fill u guys in.. Kolbie is as rotten and spoiled as ever.. We love love him so much.. He is such a delight.. We have enjoyed having him as part of out family. He keeps us on our toes, and the boss for sure.. He has gained up almost to 3lbs now. Still a tiny lil thing.. Everyone falls in love with him with his witty personality and cuteness.. Thank u so much for letting us adopt him he completes our little family.

Sabrina Vaughn

Tux is a yorkie pup from Moose Trot Kennels. He is quickly becoming my very best friend. From day one it was as if Tux had been with me forever. While waiting to receive my new puppy I was preparing myself for the nights of the incessant crying and whining that comes from receiving a new puppy. Much to my amazement there was not one night of crying and whining. This puppy is quickly meeting and surpassing all of my expectations. I believe the reason Tux is surpassing my expectations is due to the care and nurturing Deb of Moose Trot Kennels puts into the breeding and care of her animals. These traits became evident while visiting with Deb during the weeks that I waited to receive my yorkie pup. In the future if I decide to expand my family my adoption agency will be Moose Trot Kennels.
Marty Jackson

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know how well Snoopy is doing. Below are two pictures: the first picture is a picture I took the day after he arrived at his new home (11 weeks old), and the second one is from a few days ago (almost 5 months!). He now weighs close to 6 pounds. He loves to eat, play with his squeaky toys and bones, and nip at our hands when we play with him. We’ve taken him to the dog park a few times and he loves meeting new people and sometimes will play with the other small dogs. He enjoys getting bathed, especially being blow dried. He is very independent and likes to chase after my cats, one of which has befriended him and the other is still a bit frightened. You were definitely right when you told me he loves giving kisses!
Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Snoopy into my home. He is the greatest first dog I could have ever imagined!


Dear Debbie and Craig,

It’s been a busy time. We absolutely love our puppy! We named her Bear, and there is so much that we add to that, as in baby, honey, little… that’s even before we call her “Beary”. opening a whole new name world.

We count ourselves entirely lucky to have found you on-line. The picture of this cutie won our hearts. Now she has our hearts locked up.

Thank you again for all that you did to get Bear to us so soon and so perfectly.

Barbara and Lance Weesner

Elmhurst, Il

Dear Debbie and Craig:

Just writing to submit the following review and send you this updated photo of Morty. He is doing great!

“Debbie and Craig paired me up with my puppy and truly cared about making his transition to my home as easy as possible. They answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the shipping process. I know I am a bit biased, but Morty (my puppy) is the cutest, sweetest and best yorkie ever. He is also healthy, for which I have Debbie and Craig to thank. I have already referred a number of people to them. This was the best dog-buying experience that anyone could ever want!”

Merry Christmas,
Corrie and Morty

I am so happy with the new addition to the family. Lola is a perfect little puppy. Debbie and her husband gave me plenty of time when choosing a puppy and made sure I was completely happy before I left with her. Even afterwards they made sure to keep in touch and make sure everything was going well. I will definitely go to them I the future and I tell everyone about them. If your looking for a puppy this is the place to look!

McKenzie Hall



Matt and I wanted to send a thank you for all your help placing us with Rusty our handsome Maltipoo. What a great decision it was to get a dog, and an even better one to go through Debbie Wright and Moose Trot Kennels. Debbie answered all our questions, and stayed with us every step of the way, from start to finish. This has definitely been one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made, one that is proving to be quit special to both of us. Our dog is healthy, happy, and full of energy. We are so thankful for our little blessing,and for finding Moose Trot Kennels !

From Washington State

Dear Debbie and Craig,

I have really enjoyed my Mitzi Lei, and appreciate all you did to get the two of us together.


She loves to romp and play and is such a little joy. My family and I thank you for helping to bring her into our lives. Mitzi has adjusted very well, and hasn’t met a stranger yet. She especially loves those who come to visit who have shoe strings for her to untie. My granddaughter especially likes the fact that she was born on her birthday, and she thinks it’s neat that she and Mitzi share that day; and is already planning to put her name and Mitzi’s on her next birthday cake.

Again, many thanks for everything you did to make the transition a smooth one.


Linnie Browning


Debbie and Craig,
I just want to say that I never thought I would drive from Kearney, Missouri to Hartford Arkansas to pick out a little yorkie puppy! I was so nervous about my decision to pick my little girl. I called you both and talked through everything! You both were so helpful and very hospitable when we arrived. I saw her and one other little girl you had on your web page and they were just as you pictured them on the web page. I made my decision as soon as I held her. She is everything you said she would be! She loves to cuttle and plays with my mini schnauzer so good! I am thinking of purchasing another one in the future and I know it will be from you guys at Moosetrotkennel if I do. Thank you so much for my new little girl “Libby Lou”!



Dear Debbie & Craig Wright:
We are blessed to have breeders like you.
“Louey” is everything you advertised, he is
so playful, loving and a beautiful shorkie.
The transport was smooth, the Vet’s report
perfect and he was glad you chipped him.
I know it is hard to find honest breeders but
in our case, you were the best and cared.
He is adjusting to our family with ease and
Lucy has a brother finally. He is already in
his own crate and his outside training is
going very well. We just love him so much.
We will be sending pictures soon, again
Thank you so very much for everything.
Mark and Sally Bradshaw
Asheville, North Carolina




Rosco was born in the August 2007 litter, and he is doing great. He is our baby, VERY spoiled and pampered. I do not think we could have found a more prefect dog for us. We love him so much. He has the best personality, disposition, and is always so happy. He loves to play outside, loves to play with other dogs, and is great with anyone who comes around.

We just wanted to say thank you again. We are very pleased and happy with our little man!!
Rebecca and Adam Thompson


Hi Debbie,
Chloe is doing great. This has been a great experience from the moment I contacted Debbie about the puppy. Debbie helped me with all my questions I had. It was important to me to see pictures of the parents, which Debbie emailed me right away. When I saw the picture of the puppy I knew this puppy was the one for us. I was afraid too purchase a puppy on line. Thank God for Debbie. Debbie would always take the time to go over everything about the puppy. I’m so happy I purchased my little girl Chloe. Debbie may God bless you. Thank You Lisa Haas
New York




We are so pleased and so happy we bought our new addition to our family from Debbie.
We were delivered exactly the beautiful shih tzu we have wanted for a long time. Debbie
always kept in contact with us, always supplied any info we requested, it certainly was a
pleasure (and easy) dealing with her to buy Cocoa Beach. Maybe some day we will buy
Cocoa Beach a little sister and I would call Debbie to help me out. We are very, very
satisfied. Linda & Mom from the Sunshine State.
From Florida



I just want to let anyone who is interested in purchasing a puppy for the first time online
you have to go with Debbie. I have never bought a puppy and Debbie helped me with
everything I asked her a million questions and called her many times and not once did
she make me feel uncomfortable. I wish their were more people like Debbie. Now as far
as my Snoopy he is doing great in his new home we love him and he is as cute as a
button. If any has a question just email me and I’m happy to help. Thanks Debbie!!!







I just wanted to let anyone out there thinking about doing business with Debbie Wright that
she is great to do business with. She keeps in touch by phone and e-mail and is so easy
to comunicate with. She goes out of her way to make the transaction go smoothly. And if
I had gone to Yorkie Land, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect puppy than the one I
got from her! She is a healthy, happy, cute as a button little female. The minute I got
out of the airport with her and took her out of her crate I knew she was perfect for us
and that I had been very lucky to find someone as honest and sweet to do business with.
Anyone who has a chance to purchase a puppy from her will be glad they did. She is the
greatest!!!! Just in case you read this Debbie, thank you, your the greatest!



I was very reluctant to buy a puppy over the internet. The first time didn’t work out (The
puppy was unadoptable,) Debbie made me feel more confident. I am very happy with
my puppy. She is healthy, adorable and has a loving and playful personality. Debbie
even did research on why my puppy didn’t come on the scheduled flight. She has been very helpful and has kept in touch by email and by phone when necessary.
Linda, Washington



Searching for a puppy can be a very lengthy process, but if you are wanting to simplify
the process, purchasing a puppy from Debbie is the right decision! She has to be
the most friendly and reliable person I’ve ever done business with. When I first started
e-mailing her aabout a male Yorkie, she was so nice and explained everything aabout the
little guy including his weight, personality, what he likes to eat, how he’s comfortable around
other dogs, and how she ships her pups. Her thoroughness really helped me reassure my
decision to purchase with her. When my Yorkie arrived, everything she had described
was dead on! She even wanted me to contact her as soon as the puppy arrived to make
sure everything was alright
To this day, Debbie and I still keep in contact and she is still willing to help me with any
questions I may have. She’ll even e-mail me to ask how my little guy is doing!
I am so thankful to have done business with Debbie and if I ever decide to purchase
another puppy, I would absolutely chose Debbie again! My Yorkie has brought so much
joy to my life and I’m very proud to be a new owner of a happy healthy puppy!
Jennifer, California



Thank you for your understanding, honesty and excellent treatment we were given by
you. The smiles you placed on my wife and kids when we received our new puppy
Princess (yorkie terrier) was the most beautiful experience ever.
Our puppy Princess was taken the next day to our vet. We were so happy to hear that
it was in excellent health with no medical issues.
Thank you again for taking the time to give my family a piece of your heart. We are very
thankful of finding your website via google search. May God Bless You and your Family
Sincerely, Luis Rivera, Espy Rivera
ServiceMyNet LLC,
Poughkeepsie, NY




Hello to all folks that are thinking of purchasing a puppy, I am from Ct, and I recently pruchased a yorkie female and shih-tzu male from Debbie the breeder. My puppies arrived to us just like she promised healthy and gorgeous. I am so proud and happy that I got these puppies from Debbie. In the beginning when I went online I saw her website but felt a little nervous, I never had gotten a puppy on-line and thinking of all the scams that happen that made me think should I get a puppy on-line or not. But going back to her website first thing I did was read the reviews and I thought they were all satisfied so I went a head and called her, she made me feel confident, she was honest, very sweet, and answered every question I had. She provided me with the


puppy pictures right away, and whatever the circumstances is she will work with you thru the whole transaction, she really made me feel like I knew her for a long time. If in the future I decide to get a puppy I will go back to Debbie. This experience is something that I wanted to share with those that have been looking for getting a puppy from on-line breeders, and especially if it is the first time.
Thank you for taking the time in reading this review.



Debra is a godsend! We lost our Shih Tzu, Chester, very suddenly. We were
devastated and desperate to find a new playmate for our Poodle. After we lost
Chester our Poodle was so depressed he stopped eating. I spoke with Deb and
told her about our situation, despite a terrible snow storm and power outage, she
immediately stepped up to help us. Deb was able to get us all the information
needed to help us make a decision about the puppy. She set everything up, and he
arrived just a few days after my initial conversation with her. Our new puppy,
Spencer, is a happy, healthy, and energetic. The family loves him and is whole
again thanks to Deb.
Thank you so much!



Hi Debbie:

I just want to let you know how much of a pleasure it was to do business with you! I appreciate your professionalism and your promptness on getting my puppy to me. Before I had the pleasure of meeting you, “I wondered if it would be a good idea to buy a puppy from out of state via the Internet and now i have the answer to that question!”. It is- as long as the person is as honest as you are!

I named the puppy “Trinity”- the union of three persons, you, Trinity, and me. She is just as precious and adorable as you said! I also want you to know that she will be loved and is with a well-to-do family. You are more than welcome to call anytime to see how she’s doing.

Again, I just want to extend my gratitude to you, Thank you!


Rahnisha Mayes & Family



I would like to THANK DEBBIE and everyone involved in the dog breeding experience at Moose Trout Kennels. We are in Royal Palm Beach Florida and met Debbie over the phone as we discussed the Yorkies she had for sale.

Debbie told us all about the litter. Debbie explained where she was located and how the puppy would be sent to us, always discussing what was best for the puppy first.

Shortly after the telephone conversation we received the pictures of the available female puppy. Needless to say she was beautiful and we all fell in love immediately. We immediately called Debbie and committed to buying the puppy.

Debbie was upfront and honest with us. My husband Peter and I were impressed with her honesty and her willingness to answer our questions.

When the puppy arrived in Florida, I spoke to Debbie telling her the puppy had arrived and was doing well.

We highly recommend Debbie and Moose Trout Kennels. We have a beautiful 2.9 pound female Yorkie named Chichi.


Chichi is very pretty, smart, and healthy little girl who is going through her terrible two’s at the age of 9 months.

THANKS DEBBIE you are wonderful, God Bless you


I just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful “Bella“! We just adore her!! Not only is she everything you mentioned, but more! Bella is quite healthy (our vet confirmed it along with many other compliments on Bella), but she is beautiful with the best personality! She’s such a happy puppy, and very smart! Bella was our second Yorkie, but the first that was purchased on-line and out of state. So of course, we had many questions.
Debbie, you were so patient and reassuring, and very professional. Bella arrived in great condition and was just perfect! She arrived with extra puppy food, AKC papers, vaccine records, and even a toy! We are thrilled with her, and our other Yorkie, Rio, has warmed up to the idea of a new puppy in less than a week! Bella is so comfortable in her new home, and fits right into her new city lifestyle! She’s just so curious, with the most wonderful disposition, and quite playful! The rest of us are trying to follow Bella’s example of enjoying life to the fullest!
Take care, and many thanks for allowing Bella to enrich our lives! We will highly recommend you!
Beverly Hills, Ca.


My New Baby
I got my new baby girl Darbi from Debbie. She answered all of my questions and even allowed me in her home to see all of the puppies. I was sent home with everything that was promised and more. Her and her husband treated me like family! I highly recommend purchasing a puppy from her. I have even recommended her to my friends. I just love my new puppy and can’t imagine not having her! Thanks so much Debbie for all of your help!
Kacey Smith


Dear Debbie,

I just wanted to say Thank You for sending me my little princess. She is sweet and adorable and has been the perfect addition to our family. She is as sweet as can be, and so loving. Not to mention beautiful. Everyone compliments me when I take her out. My 4 girls absolutely adore her. This was the first time that I have ever bought a puppy over the internet. You kept in constant contact with me and made the process so easy. You helped to relieve a lot of the fear in buying over the internet. You were patient with me and answered all of my questions. I definately will be coming to you for any future additions. She was exactly as you told me she was. I appreciate your sincere honesty and I am so glad that I met you!

Thank You,
Kimberly Isley
From NC


Our Little “Duke”

Moosetrot Kennel’s is highly recommended and has brought my girlfriend and I the greatest gift and so much joy. Our new yorkie was welcomed to California with all of his shots, papers, a kennel, extra puppy food, and most importantly I could tell he was in a loving and caring environment. Debra was great assistance to me especially in helping me make this as easy as possible because I surprised my girlfriend with an early Christmas present. She continued to answer my questions and keep in contact with me even after we had already recieved our beautiful baby boy named “Duke”. I would highly recommend them, they are patient, easy to do business with, they offer a loving and caring environment for their animals, and have blessed us with a beautiful healthy yorkie.

Once again, Thank You So Much!!!


Debbie you are fantastic! We love her. She is happy and healthy and exactly what we wanted. We decided to name her Isabella. If we decide to add any additional members to our family, we will DEFINITELY use you again. Thank you for your kindness and all the preparations you made. I would recommend Debbie to anyone.


Two years ago I took a big step and ordered a puppy online. Like everyone else I was worried. I ordered a Yorkshire terrier. Everything I read after I got the puppy told me how fragile they were and how careful you have to be and all the problems they have.

Well, I was very lucky; my puppy was one of Debbie Wrights. My puppy’s name is Brandi, and she is anything but fragile. She is a very healthy, very socialized, well muscled and she thinks she is a mountain climber. I told Debbie that she that she is as strong as a bull.

I was so happy with her I ordered another puppy from Debbie. Brandi now has a sister named Candi. Candi is just as healthy and strong as Brandi, and the two are inseperable. Not only can I say I would get another puppy from Debbie, I did.

Paul Russell

From Florida