Milla Bella and sister Josephine
with Milla Bella’s new Mal-Shi puppy
Branson, Mo.

Isabella and Dad
with new Shih-Tzu puppy
Ft. Smith, Ar.

Margo and her new Yorkie Poo
Benton, Ar.

Jose Estrada and family
with there new Shih-Poo puppy
Rogers, Ar.

Tyler and Abbie with her new
Shih-Poo puppy
Springdale, Ar.

Samual, Delanyn, and son
with there new Poodle puppy
Malvern, Ar.

Sherry and husband
with there new Malti-Poo puppy
Bauxite, Ar.

Susan and family
with there new puppy

Angela, Daira,and Luke with their new Poodle puppy Addison with her new Malti Poo puppy Amy and family with their new yorkie poo puppy

















These are families with their new puppies that Moosetrot kennels have sold.  There are Yorkies, Yorkie Poos, Maltese, Malti Poo puppies, Shih Tzu and Shih poo puppies, Poodle, Morkie puppies and Shorkie puppies.  We love seeing our puppies go to their new loving forever homes where they are going to be loved and spoiled.