So many times people think they can’t get there dog housebroke, but maybe that isn’t the case.  Maybe he just doesn’t know how to let you know he needs to go outside.   
Housebreak your new puppy by using a bell
  • Show your puppy the bells as soon as you hang them. Have him get familiar with the bells with some treats. Tell him to ring the bell, then give him a treat. Soon he will associate ringing the bell with treats, then with going out and going potty.
  • Don’t forget to make sure the bells ring and you say bells, every time you take the puppy past them. Suggested phrase might be “Wanna go out? Ring the bell!”
  • Sometimes puppies will ring the bells for fun. It is important that you take your puppy out every time he rings the bells, even if he doesn’t have to go. Eventually the fun will run out and he would have learned this trick.
  • If the exterior door is some distance from living areas of the home, have two or more bells. First teach your dog to ring the bell at the exterior door. Then hang bells in the living areas, and encourage your dog to ring that bell to ask to go out. The living area bells can be hung on a chair or closet door knob. This enables your dog to ask to go out wherever it is in the home, and where you can hear the bell. Say the phrase in a happy, excited voice, “Wanna go out? Ring the bell!”
  • You can take the bells with you if you and your dog travel and stay at another location. Send the bells with the dog if it stays at another home while you are away. And finally, if you must find a new home for your dog, explaining that your dog is bell trained will make your dog more adoptable. Send the bells with your dog to its new home.