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  1. I purchased my sweet Lily from you folks many years ago. We are now looking for a new puppy to add to our family. I could not be more happy with the experience we had with you folks. Lily is so well behaved and such a sweet heart. We were wondering if you had any puppies at this time.? i would love to send you some photos

  2. I was in the Ft Smith At Petco today. I commented on the woman’s dog. It had a lovely personality. My grandchildren played with the dog which is 2 years old.
    I asked if she breeds dogs and she said no.
    She said she got her dog from Moose Trot Kennel. She highly recommended the owners. So, seeing a dog from that kennel and how it appeared to be of good stock, I will make a purchase based on this recommendation.


  3. We recently got our puppy from MoosetrotKennels in March of 2018. Teddy is a Shih Poo, and we could not be more in love!! He is the happiest, sweetest, most energetic puppy with the best personality! We have 2 young kids and a black lab, and Teddy is perfect for both! He was the perfect addition to our family, and Debbie really took care of him before giving him to us. She informed us what to expect with the breed, what he needs to eat, important factors in training him, etc.. Since we live in Texas, Debbie was really good about sending us pictures and a few videos of him on our 4 week wait to pick him up. We cannot express what a wonderful breeder Debbie is, and hope to get another furfamily member from her again in the future!

  4. It was so nice tallking with you today and I cant wait to get my new puppy to add to my family!!!

  5. We purchased our Yorkiepoo in October of 2018. From the moment I first made contact with Debbie I knew I was at the right place. We have all heard stories of breeders that only care about the bottom line—money. Well not the case with Moose Trot and Debbie. She talked me through the entire purchase and has provided me with valuable tips for training and the overall health of our Yorkiepoo. Thank you Debbie for your honest and helpful approach to dog breeding. A big thumbs up and A+ to Debbie and Moose Trot Kennels.

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